About MTNC

We want to help you to further develop, simulate and test your production line before you unroll full-scale production in your own factory. We have the expertise, equipment, and facilities to give you increased competitiveness.

Manufacturing Technology Norwegian Catapult Centre (MTNC) offers competence and equipment within production technology through our 7 mini-factories

MTNC headquarters are situated at Raufoss and are operated by SINTEF Manufacturing. The core partners are NCE Manufacturing, Fagskolen Innlandet, Raufoss upper secondary school, NTNU, SIVA and Innlandet county municipality.


About the Norwegian Catapult Programme

The Catapult centres assist companies in developing prototypes, offer expertise and equipment for testing, visualisation and simulation to turn innovative ideas into new products and services in an effective manner at a lower risk. The Catapult centres provide expertise, contacts and facilities in various technological areas, and can assist companies to access new markets and captivate interest from other potential business partners.

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